Diabetes Number Expected to Triple by 2050


If the current obesity trends do not change, 1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes by 2050, according to a CDC report released Friday. Currently, 1 in every 10 Americans has diabetes — that's about 23.6 million people in the U.S.

The disease is the top cause of blindness, lower limb amputations, heart attack, stroke, dementia and cancer, said Ann Albright, director of the CDC's Division of Diabetes Translation.

So, what are the risk factors for diabetes? Having a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease is one risk factor. The most common risk factor, however, is simply being overweight.

Diabetes is at the heart of a lot of health issues, but these predictions do not have to come true, Albright said. A large number of type 2 cases can be prevented through a nutritious diet and moderate exercise. Even just 30 minutes a day of vigorous walking, can help maintain proper blood sugar levels and help prevent type 2 diabetes.



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