Mother of Teen “Sex Addict” Sues Tyra Banks


The mother of a 15-year-old girl who appeared on "The Tyra Show" is suing Tyra Banks for up to $3 million. The teen, Jewel Ciera Washington, appeared on the show after responding to the show's online request for guests that are "sex addicts."

The show allegedly contacted the teen, picked her up in a limo, flew her to New York, put her up in a hotel and put her on the show — and all without parental consent. The angry mother, Beverly McClendon, even filed a missing persons report when she realized her teen was missing.

According to McClendon's attorneys, "the sole intent of the Defendants programming was to increase ratings in order to gain advertising revenue" and that "both Plaintiffs [McClendon and Washington] have been harmed and have received injury…to their health and well-being."

You mean Tyra was exploiting a young girl for profit? Unfortunately, that happens all too often!



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