Our house is not the only thing that is overflowing with toys and leftovers these days, so is my email! It is that time again to start hitting the little, tiny button at the bottom of each email…unsubscribe. Between online purchases and browsing for gift ideas my email is busting at the seams.

It doesn’t take long for me to get attached to seeing what new products are being offered and what great deals there are to be had at all my favorite stores. My mind starts backpedalling, questioning the decision, and wondering but what if I miss a fantastic deal on something I really want?

Craziness I tell you! We have been blessed with so many wonderful gifts this Christmas. Including at the best holiday party I have ever been to, given by my husband’s company, I won an awesome gift card with my Black Jack skillz! Playing Black Jack with fake money and prizes is definitely a great idea for any company wanting to give their employees an extra good time at their Holiday party.

With my gift card I purchased a Keurig.

The verdict: I’m in love!

I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an idea on what to do with a gift card.
The Grandparents really enjoyed it too while visiting for Christmas! My favorite part about it is the no clean-up. Little things like that make a huge difference to a Mom who is constantly cleaning up.

Needless to say there has been a lot of this going on…

Although we have had tons of fun before all the purchasing continues to get more out of hand it is time to synchronize my heart and mind once again, and remember one simple but important message- everything I need I already have. The more I know and live by these words, the more blessed our lives become, and it is with this in mind that I detach myself from the never ending commercialism and unsubscribe.

Do you find you get attached to store emails and fantastic deals like I do?









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