Taylor Momsen Flashes the Crowd at a Concert


"Gossip Girl's" Taylor Momsen, who plays Jenny on the hit show, has had a string of outrageous behavior and wardrobe choices since her rise to fame in the past years. Now it seems as if Momsen's only goal in life is to be the exact opposite of the sweet character she plays on TV, so her latest antic does not come as much of a surprise.

Performing with her band The Pretty Reckless, the 17-year-old initially appeared on stage wearing a ripped shirt, a teeny tiny skirt, platform heels, fishnets, and a neckalce that read "Slave".  In the middle of one of her songs, she flashed the audience showing off breasts that were only covered with x-shaped strips of black tape.

As if the flashing wasn't enough to get her message out to Hollywood, the scandalous actress is not concerned with the image she's portraying to her young fans either. Momsen, who previously joked about having sex with a priest, insists she's not changing her ways for anyone.

"I didn't get into this to be a role model," she has said. "So, I'm sorry if I'm influencing your kids in a way that you don't like, but I can't be responsible for their actions. I don't care."



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