What to Wear For Indoor Tanning


In an indoor tanning salon, you expose your skin to UV rays in order to make your skin darker. It’s similar to lying out in the sun, but more concentrated, so you don’t have to spend as much time. If you’re heading to the indoor tanning salon for the first time, you’ll have to choose what to wear.


You will be tanning in your own private booth, so you can choose anything that you want to wear. It’s possible to tan in the nude, if that’s your preference. You can also wear a bathing suit, bikini, your underwear and bra or just something to cover your bottom.


All of the exposed areas will become tan. Unexposed areas could produce tan lines. Consider the types of clothes that you want to wear after tanning. If you will wear a strapless dress or tank top, for example, you’ll want to tan topless or wearing a strapless bikini top or bra. For the fullest tan coverage, wear only a pair of thong underwear, which allows for maximum exposure while protecting your private parts.


The concentrated UV rays can harm your eyes, even if you close them. The tanning salon will require you to wear special eye protection to prevent damage to your eyes.

Tanning Lotion

Though your goal is to darken your skin, you should still wear some type of sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning. Some sunscreens sold at tanning salons can help your tan along while preventing burning. You can also just use a regular sunscreen.

Something Fun

The fact that you don’t tan in areas that you cover allows you to have a little fun. For example, you could wear a heart-shaped sticker somewhere on your body, and this area will be lighter than the rest. You’ll need to make sure that you place the sticker in the same position each time you tan.



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