Tiger Woods’ Mistress Loredana Jolie Writes a Tell-All Book


While Loredana Jolie may not have been the first of Tiger's mistresses to reveal their affair, she is the first to write a tell-all book. The book is set to be out by Thanksgiving and it's got some interesting details about her love affair with the pro golfer.

Jolie claims that the golfer is “largely endowed” and writes, “There is at least no doubt about the fact that Tiger was awesome in bed.”

And, she even goes on to blame Elin for Tiger's extramarital affairs, saying, “Obviously they didn’t have such a close relationship because if I was in his house where the hell was she?…If I had my husband, I would make sure I know [who] was coming to my house. At that point I started realizing it was more a less financial reasons why they were married — she was in it for the money.”

Jolie hints at a possible addiction for Tiger, saying “Tiger was kind of addicted to pills, I saw him taking sleeping pills and painkillers. He had a severe sleeping disorder and he could not sleep at night." Yes, that often happens to a man racked with guilt…

It's hard to know if anything Loredana says is true or if it's all just made up for a big paycheck.



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