Makeup to Wear With Rosacea


Rosacea can leave your skin red and irritated. In mild cases, you may simply look pink-cheeked or flushed, but more severe rosacea may cause acne like bumps, flaking and visible blood vessels. Makeup, properly chosen and applied, can help you to hide the symptoms of rosacea and may improve your self-confidence.


You will need a tinted primer or concealer, foundation and finishing powder to cover the signs of rosacea. Select hypoallergenic products designed for sensitive skin to avoid irritation. You can opt for liquid, cream or mineral powder foundations for your skin, depending upon your preferences, but do choose a heavier coverage formula rather than a light or sheer formulation.


A green tinted primer or concealer is essential to neutralize the red tones in your skin. Primer can even out your skin tone and help your foundation to last. If you select a primer with sunscreen, you may be able to eliminate a step in your skin care routine. Apply the primer after you moisturize, but before applying foundation. Use a very light touch to avoid irritating your skin. Dot concealer onto blemishes or under-eye circles after applying primer.


Use a soft foundation brush to apply foundation over your primer and concealer. Opt for antibacterial brushes or wash your brushes frequently to reduce the risk of infection on your delicate skin, recommends Place liquid foundations on the back of your hand and dip the brush in, or sweep a brush across powder or cream formulations. A wide, flat brush is appropriate for liquid or cream foundations, or a large, round brush for loose mineral powders.


If you have severe rosacea, a cover corrective foundation designed to hide scars, tattoos, or skin conditions may be helpful. These products offer heavy coverage and can be more challenging to use. Find cover corrective products at some cosmetic counters, but be certain to match the color to your neck and jawline and choose a formulation with UVA and UVB protection.


While creating a smooth and even complexion can improve your appearance, you can also help to detract from redness or unevenness by emphasizing your eyes and avoiding added redness to your complexion. If you opt to wear blush, select a sheer shade. Choose natural eye shadow shades and opt for neutrals over bright colors if your eyes are sensitive. Choose a soft and light lip color to avoid emphasizing redness in your skin.



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