Volcano Mount Merapi Erupts in Indonesia, 20 Injured


Indonesia's volatile volcano, Mount Merapi, starting erupting Tuesday!

According to the chief vulcanologist (what a cool title!), the eruption started early Tuesday after grumblings had been heard for hours. Scientists have warned that the pressure building beneath this huge volcano could trigger a huge and powerful blast. Approximately 11,400 villagers on the mountain were asked to evacuate, but only those living within four miles of the crater were required to leave.

Many stayed behind to stay with their homes and farms. An AP reporter who witnessed the event stated that approximately 20 people were injured by hot ash from the spewing volcano.

"The energy is building up. … We hope it will release slowly," government volcanologist Surono told reporters. "Otherwise we're looking at a potentially huge eruption, bigger than anything we've seen in years."

This is one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia.



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