Women Sue Citigroup for Favoring “Less-Qualified Men”


Six former female employees are suing Citigroup for firing them in order to save jobs for "less-qualified men."

The women say Citi used the financial meltdown to "to purge its workforce of female employees while retaining less qualified men," and that the thousands of cuts that occurred in 2008 "were unlikely to have occurred by chance, and instead was the result of intentional gender discrimination."

In the suit, they claim the bank is a "boy's club", and that sexist comments are made all the time. They also claim there is a "glass ceiling" where women get paid less than men and are afforded unequal opportunities in senior management.

This isn't the first time we've heard these gender discrimination claims against Citi. Earlier this year,
Debrahleee Lorenzana was fired when she refused to change clothing because her outfit was "too distracting to other men."
The six women were named in the lawsuit are Amy Bartoletti and Brittany Sharpton of New York City, Chia Siu of Long Island City, New York, Nadine Mentor of Orlando, Florida, Lisa Conley of Chicago and Dorly Hazan-Amir of Hoboken, New Jersey.
We applaud these women for standing up to gender discrimination!



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