How to Stop Pregnant Snoring


Pregnancy brings many physical changes, including the more obvious ones such as weight gain. Some physical changes can have unexpected effects, such as snoring. According to Barb Hicks, R.N., the physical changes that accompany pregnancy include hormonal changes, edema, which is swelling caused by excess fluid that is trapped in body tissues, increased blood volume and the aforementioned weight gain. Some weight gain is stored in tissues in the neck and throat area, which can constrict airways and result in snoring.

Step 1

Avoid products that contain caffeine. While it may be difficult to eliminate caffeine from your diet completely, remember that caffeine can make sleep more difficult.

Step 2

Stay away from products that tend to constrict nasal passages. Products, such as sleeping pills, alcohol and tobacco, should be avoided anyway during pregnancy, but these products constrict nasal passageways and increase the risk of snoring.

Step 3

Sleep on your side, and elevate your head about 4 inches with pillows. This helps to keep breathing passages open. Use pillows beside you to help give you support and to help prevent you from rolling onto your back during the night.

Step 4

Use a saline solution to clean nasal airways. Congestion can be partly responsible for snoring while you are pregnant. Keeping your nasal passageways as open as possible helps you to maintain normal breathing patterns.

Step 5

Use nasal strips. These help keep your nasal passageways to stay open and reduces the risk of snoring.

Step 6

Talk to your health care provider about obtaining a mouth guard or jaw insert. You should always consult with your health care provider about trying products such as these while you are pregnant.



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