Cute & Easy Homemade Crafts for Baby Showers


Craft projects add a personal touch to a baby shower and often make a sentimental gift or keepsake for the expectant mother. There are so many great baby shower craft ideas – from decorations and gifts you can make ahead of time to activities the guests can do while at the shower. Just make sure you plan the shower crafts early so you have plenty of time to get all the necessary supplies!

Baby Scrapbook Pages

A scrapbook full of decorated pages gives the mom-to-be a jump-start before her baby is born. Each shower guest decorates a one- or two-page layout for the scrapbook gift. You can either have the guests make the pages ahead of time or make them at the shower as a party activity. The guests add embellishments, such as ribbons, photo frames and stickers, to the scrapbook pages. They leave spots for the photos, which the guest of honor will be added later. The scrapbook has more meaning to the recipient since each shower guest had a hand in making it.

Decorated Diapers

Cloth diapers work well as burp cloths for babies. A package of inexpensive cloth diapers and a set of fabric paints allow the guests to craft handmade burp cloths for the new baby. Let each guest decorate a diaper burp cloth at the baby shower. Each time the new mom uses one of the cloths, she gets a reminder of the women who decorated them. This also works with plain onesies or baby T-shirts as well.


A collaborative cookbook of quick-and-easy recipes provides a reference for the new parents once the baby is born. Ask each guest to provide a simple recipe ahead of time. Print the recipes on decorative recipe cards or on decorative paper. Add them to a three-ring binder, sliding the recipes into plastic page protectors. Decorate the front cover of the binder with ribbon, stickers, paint or other embellishments.

Keepsake Box

Babies come with many little keepsakes, such as locks of hair, hospital bracelets, birth announcements and the first footprints. A keepsake box gives the new parents a place to keep all these treasures. Craft stores sell a variety of unfinished wood boxes that work well for the keepsake box. Paint or finish the wood as desired. A photo box or hat box is another option as the base for this craft. Add decorations to the box to personalize it.




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