How to Control the Appetite During Pregnancy


Most women know that when you’re pregnant you are eating for two, but sometimes your appetite may make it seem as though you’re hungry enough to feed an army. If you find yourself ravenous all the time and you’re starting to worry about too many extra pounds, you may be wondering how to control your appetite during the remaining weeks or months of your pregnancy. After all, pregnancy is not a free health pass for unlimited weight gain. Controlling your appetite can help you to keep your weight gain from becoming excessive.

Step 1

Improve the nutritional value of your meals. Ensuring that your body along with the baby growing inside you have the proper nutrients will help prevent hunger due to nutritional deficiencies. For example, during pregnancy there is an increased body need for calcium. Include yogurt, sardines, milk, salmon and cheese in your diet to ensure you’re meeting your body’s calcium requirement.

Step 2

Eat smaller quantities of food at one sitting but eat more often. Smaller, more frequent meals can help you to keep hunger at bay. Also, this will help you to avoid too much at one sitting, which can lead to other issues such as heartburn and indigestion.

Step 3

Increase the amount of protein in your diet. Protein is needed for tissue growth, and increasing protein-rich foods can help stave off feelings of hunger. Foods that are rich in protein include lean meat, beans, egg whites, peanut butter, poultry and tofu.

Step 4

Eat foods that require more effort to consume. For example, it requires more time to consume a salad than to eat a potato. Foods that require more effort to consume will help you to control the amount of food that is eaten in one sitting.



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