Happy 2nd Birthday Little Sister! (Part 1)

Last week Little Sister turned 2! Big Brother was soooooo excited about it he could barely sleep the night before and woke up extra early that day. Other than the fact that we were not quite ready for him to come bounding into our room at such an early hour, it really was very sweet. He exclaimed several times that it was going to be the best day ever!

When the kids go to sleep the night before, Hubby and I decorate for their BIG day! When they wake up we sing them Happy Birthday while they check out the decorations. Little Sister’s response was “Wow! That’s amazing!”

For the most part we re-use all our birthday decorations for each birthday, sometimes with the addition of a few new things like a couple of balloons. Reusing birthday decorations is not only better for the environment; it is also easier on Mom. It is all my kids know so they really look forward to seeing the same decorations again.

In fact, if we happen to miss one of the signs or decorations, Big Brother notices immediately and insists we bring it out!
He was sure to point out that this one particular sign was missing for Little Sister’s celebration. So what could we do but take it out right away and strap it the fastest and easiest spot we could think of, the fire place.

For Little Sister’s 2nd Birthday we decided to go with a Teddy Bear theme. We took the kids to the Build-a-Bear workshop for her party.

Big Brother was bursting with excitement and Little Sister was cutely tromping around in her big boots checking everything out.

As soon as Big Brother spotted Rudolph he knew that was the one.

… to be continued

Sorry I have to break this post up into 2 because my computer is giving me heck…sigh.  I must admit, I’m not the most computer savvy on the best of days!














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