Squirrel Cop Never Disappoints


If you’re a fan of "This Amerian Life" (my favorite radio show), you’ve heard Squirrel Cop. My husband and I saw Ira Glass (the host of TAL) perform live once and the crowd went wild at just the mention of Squirrel Cop. We heard this first about 12 years ago, and listened to it every so often whenever we were feeling low. It’s 14 minutes long and worth the listen — we’re up to about 14 years of giggles over it.

You’ll need to be patient — Squirrel Cop is about 20 minutes into the episode, but I can’t figure out how to fast forward right to it. If you’re more techno-savvy than me (who isn’t?), would you let me know how?

So here’s the link to Squirrel Cop to listen on your computer. Here’s how you can listen to the This American Life podcast, and the times you can listen to the show weekly on the radio.