Vitamins for Autistic Kids


While there is no proven cure for autism, many parents sing the praises of vitamins as a means for easing the symptoms associated with this disorder. Some vitamins have proven particularly effective in treating autism symptoms. If you are the parent of an autistic child, fortifying your child’s diet with foods rich in these vitamins or providing him with supplements could prove an effective treatment option. Discuss any decisions about vitamins with the child’s doctor.

Vitamin C

Along with the commonly known immune-boosting benefits, adding extra vitamin C to your autistic child’s diet could help assuage his autism-related symptoms, reports WebHealth. When a person is deficient in vitamin C, he commonly suffers depression or confusion. As these two mental issues often accompany autism, researchers feel that adding this vitamin might help reduce these conditions.

Vitamin B6

Much research has been conducted on the impact of vitamin B6 supplements on autism, reports WebHealth. Approximately one-half of these studies have found B6 supplements to be effective in reducing autism symptoms. While a 50 percent success rate is hardly proof of an autism symptom-B6 connection, this percentage is high enough to entice many parents of autistic children to try B6 supplements with their children.

Avoiding Overdoses

While the risk of overdosing on vitamins is not as severe as the risk of overdosing more powerful medications, it is possible to overdo it. Take care not to exceed the recommended dosage for your child. If your child takes a multivitamin, he is likely already receiving his daily dosage of vitamins C and B6.

Getting the Vitamins Down

Many parents of autistic children struggle to get their children to take vitamins. If your child is constantly fighting your efforts to give him vitamins, try sweetening the deal. Either mix your child’s vitamins with a sweet food treat like yogurt or pudding or, if you try to avoid plying your child with sugar, try the sweetener stevia.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

As with all therapy options, check with your child’s doctor before starting him on a vitamin regimen. While vitamins may seem like a dietary addition that would pose no danger, checking with your child’s doctor before beginning a vitamin therapy is a wise choice.



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