Healthy Easy Meals for Single Working Women


Just because you are cooking for one while on the run doesn’t mean that your meals have to lack nutritional value. While it may seem that your best option is a quick run through the drive thru, falling into this diet-busting habit will do nothing for your overall health. Instead of giving into fast food temptation, try some of these simple and healthy meals that will fit easily into your on-the-go lifestyle.

Easy Italian Veggie Pasta

Create a simple, Italian inspired treat that won’t wreak your diet plans. Instead of opting for a creamy sauce-covered treat, prepare your own easy Italian veggie pasta. Select veggies of your choice, such as green peppers, onions and mushrooms. Slice these vegetables and place them in a saute pan. Add several tablespoons of reduced-fat or fat-free Italian dressing. Saute the vegetables until tender. Add cooked pasta of your choice. Mix this tasty treat in the saute pan over medium heat until it is warm.

Crescent Roll Wrap Ups

Trade your bland sandwich for a deli meat creation that is warm, hearty and nutritious. Instead of placing your lunch meat between two slices of bread, wrap the protein of your choice in a reduced-fat crescent roll. Add a 2 percent cheese or some onions or mushrooms to your wrap to make the sandwich even more distinctive. Bake your wrapped-up treats according to package directions or until the crescent rolls are browned and flaky. Enjoy plain, or dipped in a low-fat dip, such as yellow mustard.

Chicken Stir Fry

Treat yourself to the taste of the orient without a trip to the Chinese restaurant. To make your own stir fry at home, buy a bottled stir fry sauce in the flavor of your choice. Specifically seek a sauce that is low in calories and fat. Selecting a low-sodium choice is also wise, as many sauces of this type pack quite the salt punch. Select a lean meat and collection of veggies of your choice to make the stir fry your own. In a wok or large saute pan, cook your meat spraying the pan to prevent sticking. Drain off any fat from your meat and add the vegetables and a small amount of vegetable oil. Cook the vegetables until tender. Add the sauce, and mix over medium heat until heated through. Serve over some instant whole grain rice to make your creation a complete meal.



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