How to Be a Strong Independent Woman


While some women don’t mind leaning on others from time to time, others pride themselves on standing confidently on their own two feet. If you would prefer to be a leader and are eager to make your own way in the world, you may want to dedicate yourself to becoming an independent woman. By doing so, you can increase the likelihood that you are able to handle whatever life throws at you with grace and ease.


Build your self-confidence. No one is going to have confidence in you if you don’t have confidence in yourself. Make decisions for yourself, and don’t second-guess them, regardless of what others may think of your choices.

Be Whole

Complete yourself. If you want to be an independent woman, you can’t wait for a man to do this. Instead, be whole in and of yourself. By doing this, you can ensure that you are fine, regardless of your man situation.

Financial Independence

Prepare to support yourself financially. While you may aspire to stay home with your children one day, you can’t depend upon being able to do this. Get an education and prepare yourself to make the money you and your kids require.

Communication Skills

Develop your communication skills. Women who can express themselves well appear more capable than those who struggle for words. Build your vocabulary and work on developing your eloquence so that you sound as sure of yourself as you are.

Decision Making

Make decisions independently. While it can be tempting to run your decisions by others, you aren’t truly independent if you feel like you must do this. Although you can still ask friends and family for input when facing truly challenging decisions, you should avoid feeling like you have to ask others for advice every time decision time arrives.



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