MicroManaging Life & Biz

I always tell my kids that if they keep organized with homework every day, by the end of the week there’s no chaotic rush to find papers and make up work etc and then they can enjoy the weekend without having to catch up.

I try to follow this advice myself in regard to keeping organized with my work and family life but sometimes if Im in the middle of a biz project, everything else gets backlogged and then that feeling of chaos (which I hate!) creeps in in only a matter of days. So, I always come back to the fact that even if for only 15 minutes in the morning and evening, I take time to micromanage my family and biz goals for the week, I feel much more balanced and productive. Im one of those people that needs to have my bed made and the house fresh and clean before I can sit at my desk and begin work. If my surroundings are chaotic, my head spins.

I have so much going on as the new year begins that panic set in already. The first thing I do to change that is go to yoga! Then I can rebalance and move ahead with clarity. Next, I prioritize and make lists. I try my best to fit everything in during the week, just like my kids do because I like having weekends to enoy my family, be outside at the beach, get together with friends…Its always a juggle, but when too many balls get in the air, its time to stop and re-organize. Its easier to do this sooner rather than later. Its amazing how you can re-gain balance with just 15 minutes 2x a day.

How do you find balance?



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