Police Warning: Be Safe and Never Stop Your Vehicle


If you see a seemingly occupied baby seat abandoned on the side of the road, DO NOT STOP. Call 911 and report what you saw and where.

The police warn that gangs and thieves are coming up with newer ways to get drivers to stop their vehicles, making them susceptible to acts of crime. Gangs place a car seat with a fake baby inside on the side of the road near a wooded or grassy field. They wait for a woman to stop her vehicle and come outside to check on the baby, then they drag her into the woods and beat and rape her.

Police are urging drivers NOT TO STOP but to call 911 immediately.

Whether this is an urban legend or not, it's too scary not to mention.

Another tactic gangs and thieves have come up with is throwing eggs at a car's windshield. If you are driving at night and eggs are thrown at your windshield, do not turn on your wipers or spray your windshield with water. When the eggs are mixed with water, your windshield will become milky. Thieves or gang members are banking on you stopping on the side of the road because you can no longer see through your windshield. You are then left vulnerable to becoming a victim of a crime.

So, warn your family and friends and remember to be safe while driving and never stop your vehicle if you experience anything suspicious like this. Unfortunately, there are unsavory individuals amongst us who will use any opportunity to take advantage of whoever falls victim to their traps. 

Although this hasn't been substantiated, please be careful!



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