How to Handle a Divorce While Pregnant


Pregnancy and divorce don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but some couples find themselves in this situation. The emotions and hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy might complicate your situation further. Because there is a baby involved, you will also have to deal with custody arrangements once you deliver the child. A support system and a plan for the future helps you navigate through the divorce while keeping yourself healthy during the remaining months of your pregnancy.

Step 1

Hire a reputable attorney who will advocate for you during the divorce proceedings. Having a qualified lawyer who takes care of your interests can make the process easier and let you focus on your emotional healing.

Step 2

Secure health care arrangements if you were on your husband’s health insurance policy. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate health insurance during the divorce settlement, at least until your baby is born. Taking care of the health of yourself and of your baby is essential when you are likely experiencing a great deal of stress.

Step 3

Make a plan for your living arrangements and financial support. Having a plan helps you take care of business even when you feel like curling in a ball and crying.

Step 4

Ask your friends and family for support. Don’t be afraid to burden other people with your problems. The supportive people in your network of friends and family can help you emotionally and physically when you need it.

Step 5

Join a support group or make an appointment with a counselor to seek help from outside your circle of friends. The support can help you deal with issues that you don’t want to discuss with those who know you and your husband.

Step 6

Focus on taking care of yourself and your baby. Make a conscious effort to eat a healthy diet and practice relaxation techniques. Sign up for a prenatal yoga class or get a prenatal massage to pamper yourself and reduce the stress you’re feeling.

Step 7

Explore your interests and passions, which are sometimes forgotten in a marriage. Pursuing interests and hobbies can keep your mind occupied during the divorce.

Step 8

Work with your husband to come up with an acceptable custody agreement so you know what to expect once your baby is born.



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