Kelly Bensimon is NOT a Cool Mom, According to her Kids!


Even celebrity moms embarrass their kids! Kelly Bensimon, a Real Housewife, admits that her time in the spotlight doesn't make her seem any cooler to her daughters, Sea Louis, 12, and Thaddeus Ann, 10.

"They think I'm their mom," she said of her girls. "Because I'm their mom I'm not really cool, but their friends like me, so I guess my cool factor is like a two on a [scale of] one to ten – better than a zero."

The Bensimon daughters have even asked their mommy to "tone it down" in the past! "They tell me to wait outside the school and not come in and not to embarrass them," Bensimon, 42, told People at Tao Las Vegas's 5-year anniversary party Saturday. "I'm like, I'm not even saying anything."

Once a model and now a reality star, author, and jewelry designer, Bensimon says she and her girls do have a great time together and hopes that they can see her as a role model, even if they're slightly embarrassed by her now.

"For them it's something very aspirational," she said. "You know, there are different chapters in your life and that's what I want them to know."



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