Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Mom Dies

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s mother Patricia passed away on Tuesday following a battle with cancer.

“Patricia Hewitt, beloved mother of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dr. Todd Hewitt passed away yesterday at age 67 from complications due to cancer,” read the statement.

“Her family mourns her loss. She was an angel to all who knew her and they are grateful she is now in a better place.”

The 33-year-old actress moved from Texas to L.A. with her mom in 1989. Hewitt often spoke of her mother’s support and acceptance of her career decisions.

She was even able to find humor in her daughter’s role as a prostitute on “The Client List.”

“She was like, ‘So let’s review … For 15 years people have been talking about your boobs. Earlier this year, you wrote about your hoo haw in a book. Now you’re playing a crack ho on TV,” Hewitt joked in a 2010 interview. “She was like, ‘Do you think maybe you could do an animated movie next?’ “

No matter how old you are – whether you’re four or forty – you never stop needing your mom. Our hearts go out to Jennifer during this difficult time.

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