Braiding Styles for Children


Whether your child has a flair for hairstyling or could care less, braids might be the perfect hairdo. Braids will keep the hair out of your child’s face and carefully styled around her head or down her back. Braids make a simple hairstyle that doesn’t take much time or expense.

Full Head

Completely pulling all your daughter’s hair up into a big braid is a practical solution to many hairstyling issues. It keeps her hair off her neck and away from her face. This is great for girls who play sports, have an adventure outside or participate in some other active exercise. It is also a classic look for school or parties. Start at the top of your daughter’s head, about 1 inch back from the forehead. Grab a section of hair from one ear to the other. Break into three parts and begin braiding. After about three turns, start picking up a section on each side of the braid and incorporate it into the braid as you turn the section in. Work all the way down to the back of the hair and down the pony tail. At the end, you can secure the pony tail with a hair tie or a ribbon tied in a bow. You can braid it tightly or loosely, depending on your preference. Tight braids will hold for the day, while loose braids have a casual look.

Little Tails

Braids make great hairdos for little girls and older girls, who are looking for a cute, whimsical look. Separate the hair into two sections, near the ears. You can put these into pony tails and braid down them, securing them with a hair tie. You can also start higher on the section of the hair and braid going all the way down. These look adorable on little ones, as their first hair style, or playful on older girls. Girls can wear a head band or bandanna with the style.

Just Some Flair

If your daughter is looking for a fancy hairstyle, such as for a dance, party or other outing, a braid is a great option, requiring few supplies. You can build a braid across the top of the head to pull back bangs or hair along the front of the hairline. Grab a section of hair along the front. Break it into three sections with one in front and the other two behind it. Braid the hair along the top and side of the head, toward the ear. You can secure the braid with a bobby pin or fancy clip.



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