What Makes You Happy?

Today is a snow day for a lot of the country. In keeping with this theme I thought I would make things light and cheerful leaving more time for enjoying favorite snow day activities…like baking :-)

Here is a list of some little things that warm my heart and make me feel happy. I hope that some of them will make you smile and feel good!

• The view out my window



• Reading and writing while the snow falls outside. Snowy days make those activities even more amazing!

• Clean sheets. The first day the sheets go on my bed is always my favorite.



• Hugs & Kisses

• Music. What can’t music do? For example Snow Day by Toby Lightman

• Changes in weather. When there is a change in the weather no matter what it is, it excites me.
• New Discoveries. One of our recent discoveries- Chai Latte capsules for our Keurig! :-p

• Great quotes "There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in." — Leonard Cohen

• Big soft blankets and cuddling up under them.

• My bathrobe and slippers. I wear these anytime I am home and cold. Sometimes I even forget when I answer the door. It seems a little funny mid-afternoon. :0)

• Mugs. Mugs in general make me happy. Maybe I am strange? I love to interchange mugs with different seasons. Speaking of which, anyone know of a good Valentine’s Day mug? Here is a favorite mug of mine wrapped in a coffee cozy made by Patty from The Plaid Cupcake.

My mugs like to be cozy and wrapped up just like me ;-)
And guess what is inside of it? Yup, the Chai Latte from above!

• The crazy/adorable things my kids say and do.







• Giving, even in the smallest ways.

• Being thankful for any and everything!

• & Time


Thank you for making me smile with your time ?


What little things make you happy? I think I missed… MANY! :)




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