We Are Love


When I meditate I feel very connected to everyone. I feel the energy that we are all a part of ripple through me. It becomes easier to judge less because I can see myself and my own actions in others. Especially the things I criticize. Somewhere deep within me I feel the enlightening pings of truth enter my consciousness, and I feel motivated to make peace with those parts of myself and with others.

“When you blame and criticize others, you are avoiding some truth about yourself.”  ~ Deepak Chopra, Twitter

During meditation conflicts dilute, answers are given space to flow into my consciousness. There are times when those answers must sit with me for a while, like seeds of change that are there but need time to set roots and grow.

Not only do I find clarity in the quiet moments, it is the only time when I allow myself the gift of completely unwinding, deeply relaxing. The big picture comes back into view. Life is a gift, not a hassle. I am love. When I am in touch with that my actions reflect it.

Similarly, the opposite side of love, stress, when I am stressed my actions reflect that negative energy. Meditation is what allows me to release the stress from my body, cleansing myself and my mind, bringing my spirit to the forefront.

We are all love. When we know it, when we feel it, we will BE it.

Let the loving being inside break free. Imprisoning that part of us only causes pain and suffering. I am not negativity. You are not negativity. We are love.

A video to make you smile and feel love:





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