Baby Boy Rooms


Excitement over the imminent arrival of a new baby boy in the family calls for some special attention to the nursery. Although nearly any neutral color or any theme would work for the newest little guy in the family, some parents prefer using a more masculine idea — one that shouts "boy."


Transportation themes involving a variety of vehicles can provide a backdrop and set the tone for a baby boy’s room. Infant bedding, including sheets and quilts are available in many of these themes; you can sometimes also find matching window treatments. For specific animal themes you can go with either a jungle, farm or zoo idea, using appropriate stuffed animals as accents. For a transportation theme, choose cars and trucks, fire engines or rocket ships. You might also go with a boats and ships theme, incorporating a wallpaper with a small overall nautical print.


While it’s true that baby blue is the traditional color for boys, other color schemes will get the idea across equally well. Royal blue and white, carried out in painted furniture and striped wallpaper, makes a big impact, particularly when carrying out a nautical theme. Walls painted a cheerful yellow can form the backdrop for an animal safari motif, with tans and browns for accents. One way to vary the traditional light blue walls is to paint fluffy white clouds on them and dangle wooden airplanes from the ceiling.


Parents might keep in mind that whatever decorating they do in a baby boy’s room in a few years will seem downright babyish. They should choose furniture that will grow along with the little guy. For example, a baby blue upholstered rocker is limited, but one made from wood that has a seat that can be covered in a new fabric opens that piece up to all kinds of possibilities. A coat of paint can easily change the look of a room, but walls covered with a baby blue teddy bear pattern wallpaper present a bigger challenge.


In carrying out a theme or color scheme, make the comfort and safety of the baby your top priority. In your zeal to decorate with boyish themes and accessories, avoid overly bright and cluttered looks that bombard the senses. For example, a patriotic red, white and blue room might be fun but a little too much. Hanging airplanes from the ceiling must be clearly out of the baby’s reach when he begins to stand in his crib.


If you are hesitant to give up the idea of an infant’s nursery in favor of a boy’s room, go ahead and go the nursery route at first. If you incorporate bunny rabbits or teddy bears into the room decoration in the form of linens, wall decorations and other easily replaced items, you can have the enjoyment of bringing home your baby to a sweetly decorated room.



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