Bubble Recipe for Kids


Spend a sunny day blowing soap bubbles with your children in the backyard or at a park. Although you can easily buy a bottle of bubble solution, it’s much more fun to make your own at home, using common household ingredients. Plus, you can make giant bubbles with your own solution. Use the time you spend mixing the bubble solution to explain to your children the science of bubbles if you like, or simply make plans for the interesting and wacky bubbles you plan on blowing.

Step 1

Measure 2 cups of water, and pour them into the bucket.

Step 2

Add in 1/4 cup of the dish soap. You can also add 1 tbsp. glycerin, which will make stronger, more durable bubbles. Stir gently to combine. You don’t want the mixture to become sudsy.

Step 3

Replace the water with poster paint or a mix of half water, half poster paint for colored bubbles. Add in 1 tbsp. liquid starch to strengthen the mixture and stir.

Step 4

Let the bubble solution sit for a few hours or overnight.

Step 5

Cut a drinking straw into 4-inch lengths for small bubbles. Dip the straw into the solution and blow through the other end. Try dipping two or more straws and blowing through them at the same time for attached bubbles.

Step 6

Untwist the wire hanger until it is straight. Bend one end of the hanger into a loop that will fit into the bucket, making sure you have a smooth circle. Twist the end of the loop onto the hanger to attach. Dip it into the bucket and carefully pull it out. Walk quickly or run with the wand to form giant bubbles.



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