Remedies for Sweaty Hands


If your hands drip with sweat on a regular basis and you’re embarrassed to offer them in greeting, you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Although this type of sweating is sometimes triggered by emotional stress or stimuli, according to the Mayo Clinic, the condition appears to be genetic, as it is often found in families. Before you call your parents to curse them for your overeager sweat glands, there are some remedies you can try to alleviate the problem.


Because antiperspirants use aluminum salts to reduce the performance of your sweat glands, this may be the simplest solution. Apply unscented antiperspirant to your hands every evening before you go to bed. Wash your hands and make sure they’re dry before applying the antiperspirant to the palms of your hands. Once you notice it has begun to work, you can reduce the number of nights you apply until reaching the schedule that works best for you.


Practice relaxation techniques to lower your reaction to stressful situations. By utilizing yoga and meditation techniques, you may be able to reduce the triggers to your sweat glands, but it may take several weeks of classes before you begin to notice an improvement in your sweaty hands.

Prescription Drugs

Besides a prescription antiperspirant that is considerably stronger than those available over-the-counter, your doctor may recommend you try an anticholinergic drug, which blocks the action of the body’s chemical messenger that stimulates the sweat glands. Anticholinergic drugs may take up to two weeks to begin working, and there are several mild side effects that may be involved.


Iontophoresis is a process in which a low level of electricity is applied to the hands while you’re immersed in water. Typically, you will be treated for up to half an hour each day for two weeks and then receive treatments on a less-frequent basis.

Botox Injections

Not just for wrinkles, Botox injections may help alleviate excessive sweating. The injections are considered painful, and it may take several treatments before you notice improvement. In addition, you may experience weakness in your hand muscles as well as headaches, and the treatments must be repeated after about four weeks.



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