Baby Steps to Success


When we envision what we want for ourselves, many of us, me included, see the distant big picture. It is a great start, but I always try to remember not to get lost by the magnitude of the journey. When we look at a successful business, or a successful writer, or a very fit individual we often judge based on an instant in time. We overlook the many, many hours of practice and devotion it took to get there.

In being honest and transparent with myself, I realize almost everything is not an overnight success. The person who I look up to in any area I’m passionate about has most likely spent countless hours working on their craft, and they’ve done it over the long haul without giving up, despite obstacles they’ve faced, and we all face them.

I believe we are all capable of achieving what we want in our lives, but we have to be committed to the journey, not just the end result. In fact, I find it most helpful after envisioning the end result to let it go. Let it leave you and enter the universe. I focus on doing a little bit each day, most days. Changes are a gradual process, small at first but the longer I’ve stayed committed the bigger and more rewarding the impact becomes.

I ask myself, what is it I want to achieve? Knowing is the first step. The second is committing to working on it a little bit each day. From my own life it is important to me to be healthy and fit, so I try to workout for a relatively short time, 30 minutes, 6 times per week. 30 minutes is not very long, but it doesn’t have to be to make a big difference if you stick with it.

Another example from my life is writing. I love to write so I practice writing and spreading messages of love each day, at least 5 times per week. I also love expanding my horizons so I read for a few minutes most days, often it is 10 – 20 minutes per day at most. In addition, I want to connect with my higher self or divine energy; therefor I meditate for 10 minutes per day.

None of what I practice doing daily is for very long at all, but the difference it has made in my life grows bigger each and every day I stick with it. The point is you don’t have to have tons of time to create what you want; you just have to stay committed. A little bit each day- baby steps to success. Make small changes and most importantly KEEP GOING!

In order to create what you want, you may have to get up a little bit earlier while the house is quiet, DO IT! The journey is everything. Don’t stop because you’re not at your big picture ideal overnight.

Perseverance is everything! You can do and achieve anything. Believe in you, the way I believe in you.

Your life is a gift of purpose.



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