What Is Skype to Go?


Available for download on the Skype website, Skype software allows people and businesses to make free video or voice calls, send messages and share files with other Skype users or subscribers. If you’re planning to call anyone who does not use Skype, you may end up paying more if you do not get Skype To Go. “Skype To Go” will allow you to connect with non-Skype users across the globe, even if they do not have Skype, by using your computer, mobile phone or land line.


Skype originated in Luxembourg. Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis founded Skype in 2003. As of 2010, Skype boast offices in Europe, United States and Asia. Skype launched “Skype To Go” in 2007 for its subscribers. In 2009, Skype started offering “Skype To Go” to everyone with Skype credit, which is a credit for non-Skype subscribers who want to use Skype products and features such as phone, voice mail, text messaging and other Skype products at lower prices compared to other phone carriers.

How it Works

Skype relies on VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, which uses the Internet. VoIP application uses SIP, or session initial protocol, to create data packets and sends them on the same network that you use to send e-mail and surf the Web. Data packets allow your phone to carry texts, images, live videos and high-quality stereo sounds. “Skype To Go” is an added feature of Skype. It allows you to make outbound calls from any land line or mobile phone. Skype will assign a unique “Skype To Go” number for each person you want to call. The numbers assigned are local numbers that you call instead of dialing the international numbers directly.



The most important benefit of having “Skype To Go” is the savings it generates. “Skype To Go” allows you to call your contacts from 12 countries, as of 2010, as frequently and as long as you want with cheaper rates compared to most phone carriers. You can also dial the “Skype To Go” numbers from any phone as long as you have the list of your “Skype To Go” numbers. You don’t need to pay extra to set up “Skype To Go” if you have Skype, Skype credit or subscription. Skype lets you create a speed dial list. When using a PC to make the calls, it works like a cell phone, but without the high calling rates and signal frequency problems.


One of the disadvantages of using Skype is that you cannot make an emergency call if you are only using your PC to make the call. You do not need Skype to dial an emergency number, however. Any phone — mobile or land line — can do that. Another disadvantage is that you have to preset the numbers first on Skype to use “Skype To Go.” You cannot just call anyone without Skype assigning the unique “Skype To Go” number for that person first.


If you’re calling through Skype, you will pay per minute at Skype’s low rates to phones or use any subscriptions you have that will cover the call. If you use an operator to dial the “Skype To Go” numbers, your phone operator may, as part of your calling plan, charge you for a local call to your “Skype To Go” number. Your cell phone provider may charge you with roaming calls if you’re using your cell phone outside of your calling area.



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