How to Wear Clip-On Extensions


Hair extensions allow you the opportunity to experience the look and feel of longer hair without the commitment. Clip-on extensions make going from short to long a simple project without the need for glue or thread. Clip-on hair extensions come in a variety of styles and colors, which you can match to the color and texture of your own natural hair. When worn correctly, clip-on hair extension are virtually undetectable.

Step 1

Wash, dry and style your hair as you normally would. Pile all your hair on top of your head with a large butterfly clip.

Step 2

Leave a thin section of hair lining the nape of your neck. The thickness of the section should be no more than ½ inch.

Step 3

Tease the upper section of hair closest to the nape of your neck using a narrow-toothed comb. Spritz the teased area lightly with hairspray. Teasing will help disguise the clips and give them a cushion of hair to cling to.

Step 4

Attach the hair extension to the section of hair by sliding the clip into the teased section of hair. Pull another thin section of your natural hair out of the clip and lay it over the hair extension to disguise it.

Step 5

Tease the section of your natural hair that you have just released from the pile on top of your head if you want to add another clip on extension. Attach the second clip-on extension to the teased hair just as you did the first.

Step 6

Continue to pull down sections of your own natural hair to add layers of clip on extensions. Allow all your hair to flow freely over the layers of extensions when you have the look you want. Fluff out your hair, tousling it with your fingers to blend the clip-on hair extensions with your natural hair.



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