Is Elizabeth Hurley’s Baby Bikini Line Too Sexy?


Are string bikinis ever appropriate for kids under the age of 8?

That’s the question many parents are asking after checking out Elizabeth Hurley’s recently expanded line of swimsuits for children.

The British actress has been slammed for the collection, which features pieces like the “Mini Cha Cha” leopard print string bikini and triangle top available in sizes “2 – 3Y.” 

And don’t worry – for girls between the ages of 8 and 13, there are equally revealing choices.

The “Collette” two piece bathing suit is held together by gold rings and leopard print ties, and comes with the product description: “This bikini is great for girls who want to look grown up-but rest assured they are still well covered.”

(Wow. Excellent job with that Photoshop, people.)

The swimwear has sparked some serious controversy. Claude Knight, director of the child protection charity Kidscape, called the bikinis “disturbing” and inappropriate.”

“The pieces that are very adult and which contribute to the sexualisation of young girls – especially in the poses portrayed – do not take account of the child protection concerns that have been well-aired,” he told the Daily Mail

Team Hurley’s response: Whatever, they’re really popular. 

A spokesperson for the actress told reporters that “Our collections sell extremely well in Harrods and in numerous stores across America and the Middle East. Most of our customers are repeat customers who report that their kids adore the designs.”

What do you think? Are these just cute swimsuits or do they cross the line? 



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