The Power of Words – A lesson from Master Class with Maya Angelou


There is a new show that I have had the great fortune of catching glimpses of here and there. Already I have begun to fall deeply in love with it. Even though I have yet to watch an entire episode from start to finish…it is on at 7 PST and my kids, ya know! This show alone is enough for me to really want to sign up for a DVR box.

What is my new found favorite show? Master Class on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)!

The last episode featured Maya Angelou “Poet, author and living legend”. It didn’t take being able to watch the episode in its entirety, or even the ability to hear each and every word she spoke over the sounds of my lovely family, to be forever changed from watching her speak. What an incredible human being with an even more incredible heart!

One of the lessons that truly changed me was The Power of Words. The way Dr. Angelou described how words enter our walls, our clothing, and infiltrates us was incredibly eye opening. With every fiber of my being I believe words are extremely powerful. They can stay with people; they can shape people and sometimes change people.

Being conscious of the words we choose to speak, to write, to live by, choosing to not spew hatred, and instead spread love, for me exemplifies living in the light. The next time you speak envision the words penetrating through your skin right into your heart. Then look up and picture them penetrating those around you who hear them, very often the ones you love, and the people you spend your time with. Do you want to be a rainbow in their life or a dark cloud? We are all given that choice to make.

What an unforgettable lesson not only for myself, but one from now on I will strive to pass on to my children. Master Class may just be the best class you ever attend! I could not let one more day go by without sharing this gift with you. Let these life stories and lessons speak directly to you.

Today’s Question-

Was there ever a time you experienced someone speak and their words impacted you so deeply that you will forever carry them with you?



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