Teenage Girl Birthday Activities


Teen birthday parties become more of a challenge to plan, especially if your daughter is particular about how she celebrates. Several factors can influence the birthday activity lineup, from where you have the party to how much you want to spend. Collaborate with the teenage birthday girl to find an option that works for both of you.


The location of the birthday party influences the type of activities that will work. Having the party at home is an affordable option, but it also limits the types of activities you can do. Other venues offer built-in activities for the party guests. For example, you could host the party at a local bowling alley, day spa, movie theater, mall or pottery-painting studio. All these locations provide the entertainment for the party. You spend more, but you have less work planning and carrying out the activities.


The birthday girl’s interests play a major role in selecting the birthday entertainment. Keeping her interests and hobbies in mind makes the party more personal and enjoyable for her. Teens often hang out with friends who have similar interests, so her guests should enjoy the activities if you stick with what your daughter enjoys. If she enjoys creative activities, craft or art projects work well as the entertainment. A girl who enjoys singing might enjoy karaoke or a dance club in the basement.


The size of the group sometimes dictates the types of activities that will work for a teen’s birthday party. If your daughter wants to invite only a few close friends, you don’t have to worry as much about cost or the size of the venue. For example, if you want to host the party at home, a smaller group allows you more space to do the selected activities. If your daughter wants to head to the spa for a day of pampering on her birthday, a smaller group of girls makes this option more affordable.


The party budget plays a role in all aspects of the party planning, including the entertainment. Activities at home are generally more affordable than holding the party at a restaurant, banquet hall or other venue. Calculate how much you want to spend on entertainment before you decide on an activity. Consider the per-person cost for the activities you are considering, compared to the number of people on the guest list.

Activity Ideas

Sleepovers are popular options for teens. The guests sometimes naturally play games and do makeovers on one another. Have plenty of supplies on hand for these activities. A game night without the sleepover is also an option, with either board or video games being suitable. A costume party with a particular theme works well at home. Plan games and activities around the theme to complement the costume portion of the party. If your daughter enjoys the outdoors, take the party on the road for an overnight camping trip.



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