Conan O’Brien’s Boozy Brunch Date With An American Girl Doll


Does your daughter have an American Girl doll? If so, this
video of Conan O’Brien visiting the American Girl store is going to make your

Forget tea parties… after touring the wardrobe department and hair salon, the talk show host goes straight for the hard stuff and shares a boozy lunch date with American Girl doll Agnes (she’s gluten-free).

Here’s a fun fact: When I was growing up, there were only
THREE dolls (Molly, Samantha and Kirsten) and they could only be purchased
through the American Girl catalog. 

I kept a dog-eared copy under my bed and pored through it on a
daily basis, wishing for every single wee picnic basket, posh wool cape and tiny ice
cream mold. It was like porn for

Anyway, check out Conan’s trip in the video below. It’s pretty fantastic.



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