How Women Deal With Erectile Dysfunction


While erectile dysfunction is not something that physically impacts women, those partnered with an erectile dysfunction sufferer will certainly feel the effects. If your partner is struggling with erectile dysfunction, you can play a part in helping him come to terms with and treat the disorder. By learning about erectile dysfunction, you can prepare to modify your relationship to accommodate this challenge.

Erectile Dysfunction Definition

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that impacts the male sex organ. Individuals who suffer from this disorder are unable to achieve or maintain an erection. While this disorder may seem uncommon, it is really far reaching, as 15 to 30 million Americans suffer from erectile dysfunction, reports WebMD.

Encourage Medical Attention

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are reticent to seek medical treatment because they are embarrassed; however, speaking to a medical professional about this challenge is vital. As WebMD reports, erectile dysfunction could be a sign of cardiovascular problems as well as an assortment of medical conditions including high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension. If your man is trying to avoid speaking to anyone about his disorder, compel him to do so, as speaking to a doctor could potentially be the difference between life and death.

The Right Amount of Pressure

Because of the potentially sensitive nature of erectile dysfunction, women partnered with men who have this disorder must be careful as to how they approach discussions of the topic. While it may be tempting to demand that your husband seek treatment or push him to find a cure for the problem, putting this much pressure on your guy could backfire and create resentment that could potentially hurt your relationship.

Potential Treatments

Fortunately, there are an array of treatments for erectile dysfunction that could help you and your spouse overcome this sex-life-killing difficulty. When your husband expresses his concern regarding this disorder, his doctor will likely begin treatment by prescribing a medication such as sildenafil, tadalafil or vardenafil. If these medications do no work, his doctor may attempt a host of other treatments, including self-injections, penis suppositories, testosterone replacement, penile implants or even a blood vessel surgery. As the partner of a man with erectile dysfunction, your role is to encourage your guy and give him all the help he may need as he moves through each treatment option.

Maintaining a Connection

It is common for women to feel as if they are not as close with their partners as they once were while he suffers through erectile dysfunction. To prevent emotionally detaching from your guy because you can no longer engage in the same bedroom behavior as you once did, focus on being physically affectionate in other ways. Small efforts towards being romantic with your partner can help maintain the health of your relationship during periods of erectile dysfunction.



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