Take a “Workation!”


The term "staycation" (combo of staying home and vacation) was coined during the rough economic times these past couple of years. We learned how to enjoy fun destinations close to home, little day trip excursions or just indulging in chilling out in our own homes. Having moved from the east coast to west coast, we frequently enoy staycations, because this is where we used to pay to come to enjoy vacations! There are endless interesting & fun spots to visit within driving distance, not mention the beach within walking distance. 


One thing I battle during staycations though, is the ease of sliping into my office and working. There’s nobody telling me I can’t or shouldn’t. Everyone in my family takes time to do their fave things during staycations, so I do have my allotted down time. My husband and younger son may golf, my older son will hang with his friends at the beach or play his DJ set up or guitar. I will go to yoga, ride bikes, walk, read and I love planning family excursions so we do get that quality family time.

So, why do I feel guilty working during these staycations? I don’t know! Maybe it’s because my oldest son only has four more years of living at home before he’s on his own…I just spend little bursts of time at the computer, not entire days or evenings but still… So, as I begin this staycation for 2 weeks, I’m over analyzing…but coming up with some ideas for balance…but leaning more towards real vacation than work. If I’m with my family on an excursion and something comes to mind or work, I will just make a note to myself on my Blackberry. Then I will add to my list and when its time for my alone time, I will handle my work activities.

I love what I do, so mixing in biz while on staycation ust makes me feel productive. But I also know that wonderful feeling of rejuvenation that comes from leaving all work behind and enoying complete fun and no business. Then I am truly recharged when I get back to work. Balance is nice, yes. But imbalance can be terrific too. So, this year, I’m thinking I will really treat this staycation as more of a vacation and not think about work much at all for the next 2 weeks. I will allow myself to make my lists so I don’t forget my ideas, but that’s about it. Im ready for some fun family time. It’s been a work filled year and its time to LET GO & ENJOY… Guilt free.



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