How to Wear Liquid Eyeliner


Liquid eyeliner can define your eyes, offering a longer lasting and more precise alternative to eyeliner pencils and powders. It does take a steady hand to apply liquid liner, whether you opt for a brush-style liquid or one that works more like a felt-tip pen. Practice makes perfect, and with a few tries, you’ll find that you can apply liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic cat-eye look or a classic and neutral look for day.

Step 1

Apply an eye shadow primer, concealer cream or translucent powder to the eyelid. Pat lightly with a sponge or your fingertip to blend.

Step 2

Stand approximately 6 inches from the mirror and tilt your chin upward. Rest your elbows on the counter or table to steady your hand. Gently pull the eyelid taught at an upward angle. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, make short, thin lines along the upper lash line, joining them as you go. Build up to a wider line if desired.

Step 3

Line the lower lid the same way you did the upper, from inner corner to outer. Line only the outer half of the lid if your eyes are small or close set.

Step 4

Extend the liner slightly at the corner of the eye to enlarge the eye visually or bring the lower eye liner line up and out for a dramatic cat-eye look, connecting it to the upper lid liner.

Step 5

Allow your eye liner to dry completely before blinking or applying other cosmetics. If desired, set your liquid eyeliner by going over the line with a similar powder eyeshadow.



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