Updo Hairstyles for Kids


Whether your daughter is playing dress up again or she has a special event to attend, a simple updo will make her feel like a belle at the ball. While the hairstyle should never be inappropriately over the top for a little one, a simple twisty, braidy or fluffy do will go a long way in helping her feel gorgeous.

Fluff It

Sometimes, all a girl wats is big, fabulous hair. If you can create a big, bouncy updo for your little one, shne can rock it all afternoon. This is great for girls who love to play dress up and experiment. You can blow dry your child’s hair to give it some volume. Pick up your child’s dry hair and pull it to the top of her hair. Pull it into a hair band. If her hair is long, you can twist it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Tail It

Most girls look cute in pig tails and pony tails. You can pull up her hair and wrap it into a pony tail with a hair band. Let bits of hair spill out and around the pony tail. For sweet little pig tails, do the same on each side of her head. If your child’s hair is still fine and light, you may not be able to pull it all up. Just pull up as much as you can. Look for tiny hair ties at your local retail store to secure her fine hair.

Braid It

Braids are a great addition to a child’s updo. For a formal, simple look, you can simply braid her hair into a French braid, down the back of her head. For a more modern look, take a section of her hair on each side of her hair and braid a few small sections, braiding toward the back. Secure each braid with a small hair tie. Pull the rest of the hair into a bun or twist, securing with bobby pins. Tuck the braids around the do.

Accessorize It

Most girls looking for a fancy do will love some glittery and glam in her hair. Accessories can add some bling to any do. After you design the do, tuck in some fancy pins and barrettes. Slide on a simple headband or slip in a oversized flower.



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