New Year’s Eve Party Game Ideas


New Year’s Eve is a time for family and friends to come together to send out the old and usher in the new. Parties typically include food, beverages and fun. New Year’s Eve party games can ensure that your guests will go home with warm memories of a great time.

Time Capsule Game

Time capsules allow guests to display what the past year has meant to them. Ask each guest to bring five items that they believe best represent them for the outgoing year. Place the items in a time capsule, and bury it on your property with a map and instructions for future gamers to dig it up in 10, 15 or 20 years.

Psychic Prediction Game

It is always fun to predict the future. For this game, guests should be provided pens, paper and clipboards. The host chooses five topics and asks the guests to provide three written predictions for the next year in each category. For example, for the category of weather a guest may write down 12 hurricanes, record-breaking temperatures in the South and longest winter in history in the Northeast. Entertainment categories could garner predictions about which celebrities will become pregnant, get divorced or star in a blockbuster. Gathering the same people together the following year will be fun because everyone can see how many of their predictions came true.

Month Guessing

This game makes party guests think about the past year as they ring in the new one. Before the party, the host goes through magazines and newspapers from the past year and chooses several events from each month. Make a list of those events in no particular order, being sure to include the month they occurred. Have guests sit in a group and read each item out loud and have guests write down which month they believe it occurred in. The guest who gets the most answers right is declared the winner.



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