What to Wear to Yoga Class


Yoga offers an opportunity for relaxation, stretching and toning in a serene environment. If you’re considering your first yoga class, you may have concerns about what you should wear and what you should save for other athletic activities. Acceptable and comfortable yoga clothing is available at all price ranges, but you may already have something suitable in your own closet.


You can buy clothing designed specifically for yoga or opt for basic pieces of athletic clothing. If you’re a beginner, natural cotton fabrics work well for yoga class. Quick dry or wicking fabrics like those favored by runners are appropriate for Bikram, or hot, yoga classes. Choose fabrics with some stretch or a percentage of spandex to allow for ease of movement.


Clothing for yoga should be easy to move in and not get in the way as you change from one pose to another. A snug-fitting top or T-shirt will allow you to move into inverted poses without worrying about your clothing. You should also select pants that fit snugly through the thigh to avoid wardrobe mishaps. You can do yoga as easily in a T- shirt and sweat pants as you can in yoga pants and a matching tank.


Women will find yoga pants available in discount and specialty stores. These typically have a wide, soft waistband and are fitted through the hip and thigh. Pants can be full length or capri length, as you prefer. A fitted tee or tank can be worn on top, or you can opt for a yoga top with a built in bra. Men can opt for soft knit shorts, cutoff sweatpants or full-length sweatpants. Shorter shorts, like those sold for rugby, may be a practical choice.


Yoga clothing should fit your body, allowing the instructor to see the form in each pose to make corrections as necessary. Check the fit of your clothing in front of a mirror if you think it may be too baggy or fluid. You may find that you feel more comfortable in snugger fitting clothing as your practice becomes more strenuous and challenging.


When you are getting dressed for yoga class, you should remove any dangling jewelry that might get in the way and pin up your hair so it is out of the way. A simple braid may be more comfortable than a ponytail when laying down. Remove daily wear contact lenses. Yoga is performed barefoot, so plan to remove your shoes and socks or wear simple slip-on shoes to class.



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