Treatments for Dust Allergies


An allergic reaction occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts to substances called allergens that usually are not harmful. Household dust, which can include tiny particles of pollen, fibers and microscopic insects called mites, can cause allergic reactions, according to Medline Plus, and dust mites are the primary cause of dust allergies. Treatments for dust allergies vary, but it should be noted that the highest concentration of dust mites is typically found in box springs, mattresses and bedding.


Your doctor may prescribe a medication as treatment for your dust allergy. These medications can be classified by their function and how they help treat an allergic reaction. For example, antihistamines work to reduce the production of a chemical that is produced by the immune system. These treatments can ease the symptoms of a runny nose and can relieve itching and sneezing. Corticosteroids work to reduce the inflammation. Decongestants can help you to breathe by opening up nasal passages.


This therapy consists of a series of allergy shots. The goal of this treatment is to train your immune system to not overreact to the presence of an allergen. The first shots contain a very small amount of the allergen, and then the amount of allergen in the shots progressively increases, thereby training your immune system to be less sensitive to it. This treatment requires maintenance shots every two to four weeks for a period of three to five years.

Nasal Rinse

This treatment can be described as rinsing salt water through your nasal passages. Saline nasal rinses can reduce sneezing and ease postnasal drip. An improvement in congestion can also result from this treatment.

Home Remedies

A number of adjustments to the home can reduce the number of dust mites and therefore lessen exposure to the allergens causing the allergic reactions. The use of allergen-proof bedcovers, washing bedding weekly and maintaining a low humidity level in the home can reduce the dust mite concentrations. If there are plush toys for children in the home, replace them with ones that are machine washable. Remove carpeting and vacuum upholstered furniture regularly.



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