The Best Love Matches for Leos


Leos are natural lovers, and their confidence and energy make them easy to fall in love with, says Barrie Dolnick, author of “Karma Babe: Deciphering Your Karmic Code For Your Best Possible Life.” Although you can build a relationship with many star signs, you’ll have the most difficult time making a love match with Scorpio and Taurus, says Dolnick.


When it comes to choosing a love match, Leos tend to find the most happiness with someone who shares their love of the spotlight and adventure or a person who’s happy to support their desire to be noticed, explains Dolnick. Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius are usually good matches for Leos, says Dolnick.


Leos thrive on excitement and passion, which Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius partners can all provide this, in different ways. The Aries-Leo relationship is fiery, passionate, competitive and works well because both partners admire each other’s energy and abilities, according to “Redbook” magazine. Leos mesh well with Geminis because when they’re together, this scintillating duo never runs out of interesting things to talk about, according to “Elle” magazine’s astrologers. And Leos and Sagittariuses make a good love match because of their shared love of creativity and adventure, according to “Elle.”

Characteristics to Look for

Leos are happiest with partners who can keep up with them physically, intellectually and emotionally. Your ideal partner should have a positive attitude, plenty of enthusiasm and enough confidence to handle the fact that most Leos are naturally flirtatious, says Dolnick. Leos also thrive on physical affection and compliments, so you’ll be happiest with a partner who is comfortable giving you those things.


Leos don’t like people who are stingy with money, so if you feel like a date’s a cheapskate, it might not be a love match, according to “Elle.” Leos also tend to be turned off by people who worry or warn them away from things — while a dose of reality can be a good thing for Leos, you should stay away from partners who always seem to be bringing you down.


Astrology can give you insight into the type of person who’s a good romantic match for you, but in the end, you’ve got to trust your instincts when it comes to love, says Dolnick. That’s because your star sign is just one factor in your relationship — your habits, energy level, interests and upbringing also all play a role.



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