Can’t Get Enough France


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We are in Provence and loving it! Aaron and I, and a group of friends have rented a house for a month in a tiny village (St. Veran) in the south of France.

France is, well, outrageously fabulous.  No getting around it.  My French sucks but I feel like I am doing better than I did last time.  I am not so stressed out about it on this trip.  Just going with the flow and it turns out I know more than my current group of travelers. Which isn’t saying much…  Even the French people seem nicer this time.  Could it be my state of mind?  Doubtful.   The economy?  Possible.

The days are warm and sunny.  Perfect actually.  We have a petite pool that is icy cold so I won’t be venturing in any time soon. Our bed is very small and Aaron and I are mashed up together so we are both struggling with having a good sleep.  Better dig down for the drugs!  Things are generally smaller here in France but the prices are certainly bigger.  Good thing for us the euro is dropping at the moment.  Voila.

The outdoor markets here are to die for……well, not literally, except if you are a chicken or a fish.  There is one every day of the week.  All very colorful, and the smell of cheese and sausage permeates the whole place. As you walk by the soaps… ooo la la, it is so aromatic and the displays are an art form.  The only trouble is…. I am shopping with 2 men and they walk through like they are doing a surgical strike… They are always standing, arms crossed, waiting for moi.  I need to come up with a meet me later strategy so I can actually buy something!  I saw a back-pack purse I liked but by the time I gave it a cursory once over, the group had moved out of sight!  Better catch up I thought or they won’t cook me dinner. The guys are the head chefs so there is requisite appeasing to be done.

Truffle ravioli, cassollet, pasta alfredo, crepes, mussels, parmigiana reggiano, baguettes, croissants, nogat, sausage, olive oil, balsamic glaze, quiche, and vats of tapenade.  I am gaining weight just writing this down… It is worth coming here for the food alone!  And then there is the wine, what can I say?  We have now graduated to buying incredible wine in a box!  Thank God I brought my Brooke Burke Transform Your Body DVD with me.  I think/hope it is staving off some extra lbs…  Au revior


Sachets of Lavender

Wonderful Cheese

Nogat (very tasty!)


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