Round Face Hairstyles for Women

The shape of your face plays a large part in determining which hair styles look best on you. To ensure that the cut you choose makes you look terrific, consider your facial shape when making your selection. If you have a round face, you should seek a cut that slims your face and adds length. By doing so, you can make yourself appear lean and sleek.

Off-Center Parts

Parting your hair down the center creates a harsh look that doesn’t mesh well with a rounder face. Part your hair off center to reduce the apparent roundness of your face. This simple trick can be adapted to hair of any length or texture, making this a go-to style for those with this facial structure.

Volume-Rich Short Style

By adding volume to your hair, you can make your face appear less rounded. Style your hair short, and cut in some layers to allow for the development of volume. Curl these layers and use mousse to amp up the height and make your hair the focal point instead of your face.

Long Locks with Swoop Bang

Swoop bangs are a soft, simple way to update your look. Instead of wearing bangs that are cut straight across your forehead — a major no-no for those with rounded faces — have your fringe cut into a long swoop bang that slips behind your ear. Wear these bangs with long locks to craft a soft, feminine look that fits with your rounded face.

Soft Curly Locks

Add volume to your locks with soft curls. Using a large-barreled curling iron or curlers, add some texture to your locks. Allow these newly curled tresses to cascade down your back, and part the hair at the side, to make it appropriate for a round face.

Longer Bob

At-the-chin bobs don’t work well for women with rounded faces, but you don’t have to abandon this style completely. Instead of having your hair cut into a short bob, have your beautician craft a bob that stops at your shoulders. This lengthened style will add length to your face and make it appear a bit less round.



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