How to Stop a Sleeping Baby From Rolling


When babies roll over while asleep, it can cause them to fall or lead to dangerous situations, such as sudden infant death syndrome if they roll onto their tummies and cannot breathe. Take measures to prevent your sleeping baby from rolling over that don’t introduce other hazards. If your baby is old enough to roll onto his tummy, then back onto his back, he should be okay if he rolls while asleep because he’ll be strong enough to roll back over if he has a difficult time breathing.

Step 1

Swaddle your baby if she doesn’t mind the restriction or enjoys it. Some babies sleep better when swaddled because it tends to mimic the restricted space in the womb. Fold a receiving blanket in half, creating a triangle. Fold the bottom of the blanket up over the baby’s feet, then fold the sides in tight, like you would a burrito. The blanket should not reach above the baby’s shoulders, as that could create a suffocation hazard.

Step 2

Tuck your baby’s blanket in under the mattress to restrict his movement. The blanket should come to just below the baby’s shoulders and be tightly tucked under the sides and foot of the mattress. This is similar to swaddling, though more practical for an older baby.

Step 3

Use a sleep positioner, such as a wedge, that’s created especially for babies. Some pediatricians recommend sleep aids, while others believe they pose more of a risk due to the soft sides that can potentially become a suffocation hazard. Talk to your pediatrician before choosing to use a wedge.



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