Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were great. Honestly, I am glad they are over. I took a huge breath overlooking the ocean and very peacefully let 2010 go… I am looking forward to this New Year. A New Year always brings a new energy and motivation to do great things.


I am setting up my BUCKET LIST WALL this week in my ModernMom office. Last year was all about setting goals and visualizing for me. This year is about conquering them and hanging up the evidence that they have come true.

Looking back at 2010, I have so many things to be grateful for. Going back to the ballroom and becoming the co-host of Dancing with the Stars, meeting Oprah, shooting two covers for Shape Magazine (I wished for 1 and got 2! Be careful what you ask for.) All of those were on my bucket list and will now decorate the walls of my office to remind me to keep visualizing, set goals and wish for the things that I want to accomplish. I also added author to my list of many titles. My book, The Naked Mom will publish this month and hit stores Feb 1st. I honestly didn’t know if I would ever finish my book. I spent every free moment in 2010 writing, thinking, and dissecting my many philosophies. The day the first copy of my book arrived in a Fed Ex box was a huge day for me, and very surreal. The other night I sat with my girlfriend and read out loud some of our funny moments that we shared together. We laughed, reminisced, and totally related to each other through the many challenges of raising a family. Holding my book in hand is a confirmation that anything can be done!

This year for me is about figuring out what is most important and making it happen. Think of January as the after-party. The holidays are gone and now its time to set up a brand new year for success.

I need to live an authentic life to be happy, that means being true to myself and doing what I believe in. Doing something important always makes me feel good, whether it’s learning from big and small mistakes, listening, giving, or sharing. Last year, I felt like a worker bee moving a thousand miles a minute. I took advantage of every right opportunity, and barely came up for air. It was a crazy wave to ride, a great one, and I loved it. But this year, I want to focus more on the process, the ones riding with me, and the journey.

It’s time to set up yourself up to achieve everything you want this year, in and out of your home. It seems everyone is motivated right now. Now that we survived the stress zone of the holidays, get to it! Set some goals for yourself, your family, and your relationship. Write them down. As soon as my wall is decorated, I’ll take a pic and post it here.

Happy 2011!!!



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