Can Women Firm Their Breasts by Lifting Weights?


The female breast is a subject of intense contemplation by both men and women. Breasts serve the natural function of producing milk to nourish our young, but they represent so much more, particularly when it comes to attitudes regarding femininity and sexuality. Contemporary Western culture celebrates large breasts as an ideal. As a result many women express dissatisfaction with the size of their breasts and seek natural means, such as exercise, to make their breasts larger and firmer.


The female breast is designed to produce milk to feed infants. They are made up of tear-shaped milk glands, called lobules, that are connected to the nipples by milk ducts. These glands and ducts are surrounded by fatty tissue and connected to the chest wall by ligaments. All of this tissue is covered by skin. There is no tissue in the breast that can be firmed by any amount of exercise.


Breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes from large and rounded to medium and pear-shaped to tiny and almost flat. Overly large breasts can be pendulous and cause physical damage to the muscles of the back. The breasts will tend to swell and enlarge during pregnancy, but breast size has little to do with breast function when it comes to breastfeeding an infant. Breast size is a function of heredity and hormones. Exercise will do little to change the shape or size of the female breast.


The breasts do not contain any muscles, so no amount of exercise will firm the breasts. The breasts are attached to the chest wall by ligaments, and the chest wall is supported by the pectoral muscles, which can be strengthened, firmed and enlarged by exercise. Firm, strong pectoral muscles can help to support the breasts, giving them a fuller, firmer appearance.


The bench press is a classic exercise that can strengthen the pectoral muscles. This exercise involves lying on your back on a bench and pressing weights straight up. This can be done on a weight machine or with free weights. If you elect to do free weights, you should always have a partner to spot you in the event the weights become too heavy for you.


There are numerous benefits to regular exercise, including weight training, besides strengthening your pectorals and giving you firmer looking breasts. The Mayo Clinic notes regular exercise burns calories, which helps you control your weight. It can increase your energy while combating chronic diseases. Regular exercise helps you sleep better, have better sex and improves your mood.



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