Rainbow Turns Four


We all have moments when we feel like we haven’t done enough… Because of the chaos of the holidays, my daughter’s 4th birthday creeped up on me. I didn’t plan a party, I didn’t invite any friends over, and I didn’t find another gift to excite her after Chanukah and Christmas. 

So yesterday I went into a panic, called my mom for help, and started calling the family. Even the token Dad at Modern Mom stepped up to help me find a jumpy company that would deliver in less than 24 hrs! (thx RUSS!) In just an hour I rounded up a few favorite play mates, cousins and relatives. I ordered a giant cupcake from our favorite local bakery, vanilla butter cream with pink and chocolate sprinkles and 20 minis to put around it. I ordered a few dozen helium balloons from the grocery store (much cheaper than any balloon co.) I filled up all my glass jars with different kinds of colorful candy. Then Rain and I hit the drug store to pick out some party favors for her few guests.

I have spent weeks in the past planning big parties, ordering entertainment, catering food, filling out invites, etc. It’s always fun, a labor of love, and expensive!!!! Of course our children are worth it, but today was impromptu, creative, last minute and came together perfectly. It was as if the high paid celebrity assistant that I DON’T have planned it herself! LOL!!!

My favorite parties are ones shared with family, at home, intimate and decorated with love. 

Rain woke up this morning with her huge smile and asked why she did not get bigger today now that she is four? Too cute. She also slept the whole night, miraculously in her own bed, I should be so lucky!

Moms, don’t stress about party planning. All it takes is good company, good food, birthday wishes and of course my favorite, balloons.

Happy Birthday my little Rainbow! Enjoy every moment of it!



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