Curly Hairstyles for Older Women

Although some associate curls with little girls, older women can wear their hair in curls just as effectively. While the curls you choose to adopt may not be the ringlets of youth, you can take advantage of your natural curl or transform your straight hair into curly tresses. By selecting a curly style appropriate for an older person, you can add body and life to your do.

Cropped Curls

To avoid an overly youthful look, crop your curls close to your head. That produces a polished look that is easy to maintain and age-appropriate. If your hair is naturally curly, take advantage of these curls and use them to create volume. If not, have your hair permed to create the voluminous, curly look you desire. To ensure that your curls fall into place, apply mousse or hair spray to stiffen and hold together your curls.

Curly Bun

Transform your long hair look by pulling back your curls into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a messy, curl-filled bun, then secure it to your head with bobby pins. The look doesn’t have the harshness of a standard bun and gives you instead a soft, yet mature, curly look.

Shoulder Length Bob

If you want a little length in your curly do, consider a curly bob. Create this curl-rich look by trimming your hair so the curls fall at shoulder length. You or your stylist must exercise caution because curls will shrink when they dry. If you clip the style too high, you may end up with a look that rises far above the shoulder level.

Pinned Back Curls

Let your curls take center stage, while keeping your hair in a manageable, and age appropriate, style. Instead of trimming off your curls, pin them back. Part your hair in the center or slightly off center. Pull the hair that surrounds your face back, one side at a time, and secure it with bobby pins or barrettes.



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